Counting Down, Thinking Back, Looking Forward…

Hello Again! We here at chartchums know that you are counting down the days and thinking back over this past year in your classrooms, and so we thought we might do the same here. In honor of our inaugural year, we present to you the TOP FIVE most popular chartchums posts. You can click directly on each title to lead you there…

5. Growing Charts, Growing People

4.  Charting the Common Core

3. Setting the Stage

2. Classroom Snapshot- Reading Edition

1. Non-Fiction, Non-Problem

Thinking back includes reflecting on how we have used charts, why we use charts, and what we do with the charts we have created. A chart, just like our teaching, is not static, it is constantly growing. That is our goal – to be constantly growing and evolving as we try to find ways to better teach in engaging, clear ways. Models are key, as are lots of times available for repeated, strategic practice (using the charts as concrete examples that guide the way).  

And looking forward, we will be back throughout the year with ideas to get you excited for August/September, and of course all of the important information about our upcoming book: Smarter Charts, available through Heinemann beginning August 16th.

Feel free to give your comments on posts you’d like to see here in the future on chartchums.

Until then, Happy Charting (and happy summer!)

Marjorie Martinelli and Kristine Mraz