Chart Making in Action

First Grade Teachers Work Together to Create a Writing Chart

Marjorie and I (Kristi) just finished out an amazing week working with teachers from all over the world at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project’s Writing Institute. We were working on all things writing, which of course included CHARTS! One group of 30 dynamic and brilliant teachers studied and made charts for non fiction and opinion writing, working hard to create strong visual elements, powerful headings, and meaningful phrases. Below are some of their efforts.

A Process Chart for Persuasive Letters. Note the Catchy Title to Help CHildren Remember What it Is

This is another first grade chart for persuasive letters. In this case, the chart is to support elaboration strategies. The visuals also contain prompts for writers.This chart is for non-fiction writing. All the charts this group made had the magnifying glass on the corner as a visual cue for children that all the charts go together.This second grade chart shows options for what children could write about during a unit on persuasive reviews. Note the icons also support idea generating and elaboration for each type of review

I have ironclad promises from these AMAZING teachers that they will keep in touch with me, and this blog, so we can post the charts from their classrooms. A few words for anyone interested in sharing a chart:

1. Send it in an email to

2. Send a brief description of what it is/any stories of children interacting with it

3. We will try to post it on the blog

A few other words about this blog in general:

Marjorie and I are intending to post about once a week with chart related matters: charts that you might want to be making at this time, chart making tips, etc. Our goal is every Monday. We will answer questions posted in comments, so don’t be afraid to write something there. Anyone who was at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project Writing Institute- stay in touch! (and get your friends to check this blog out!)

Happy Charting one and all!

6 Comments on “Chart Making in Action”

  1. Ruth says:

    What a great resource Kristi and Marjorie! Thanks for cracking open this important learning tool.

  2. carolyn says:

    I love the voice in your posts! I feel like making a chart, “How to Add Voice to a WebPage”, you girls are the best!

  3. mizzab says:

    I agree with Carolyn. There’s genuine voice in your posts. Honestly, I feel as if we’re having coffee talking about this exciting topic. I’ll be introducing this to my teachers this year!

  4. Loralee says:

    Your blog is incredible! Thank you for sharing! It is so helpful!

    What does it say on the first post-it by Plan?

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